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Poseidon Rebreather MK 6

Poseidon was founded in Sweden by divers, for divers in 1958 by Ingvar Elström with a mission to use innovation to solve diving related challenges. Poseidon?s many technical ?firsts? include: ? World?s first single-hose regulator ? World?s first water and gas-tight dry suits ? World?s first regulator for 200M and 100% O2 ? World?s first recreational rebreather Over more than 50 years, Poseidon has built a brand that is internationally recognized for innovation, quality and safety. After all, that is what our customers expect from us?
MKVI Discovery, Cyklon, Jetstream, Xstream, Phantom, Technica, ThreeDee, Unisuit, Atmosphere, Trident Fin, One Suit Sport, Rebreather BCD, Rebreather Wing, One Wing & One Harness


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