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For over 30 years Underwater Kinetics has been designing SCUBA products. Smaller, brighter and lighter has been the theme. The Super Q was the first miniature high intensity dive light. Unique and compact reflector designs gave divers more useable light underwater. Light weight non-corroding plastic resins replaced traditional metal parts. Self-draining ribs in tank boots reduced tank corrosion. Innovative hanger shapes lifted dive equipment to safety from the the garage floor.
Today UK designs and manufactures from its facility in Poway, California High Intensity LED and Xenon lights range in size from a waterproof penlight to the 840 lumen rechargeable AquaSun eLED. Special hanges are made for BCs, dive suits, regulators, fins, masks, etc. The HangAir actually circulates air while drying. Dive knives are made from either titanium or our own non-corroding Hydralloy. Waterproof cases and boxes protect delicate gear to and on the water. At UK we always strive for the best.


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